Genoni, the charm of the Museum of the Jar Horse

The historical memory of a species at risk of extinction

The Museum of the Horse of the Jar is located in the heart of Genoni, in a beautiful Campidano house with a central courtyard, dating back to 1928.

Open in 2006, inaugurated the new staging on December 28, 2014, the Museum seeks at the important task of collecting through the witness (direct and indirect), of the inhabitants of Genoni, much of the historical memory of the village, to revive it in all environments that comprise it. All this accompanied by the constant presence of the Jar Horse, loyal and tenacious shadow that has always followed the mankind in all its vicissitudes; a needful key element.

A museum as a center for research and conservation of the territory historical memory, but also a museum as multifunctional center, as a place that can really involve the local population, through a series of short interviews, aimed to document memories in a profitable way, making them indelible.

And through these micro-stories that the museum really takes life and keeps really intact  the memory, as the heart, which acts as a link with the area, preserving and proposing  again it in a totally authentic way.

Last but not least is another aspect that makes the Museum of the Jar Horse absolutely original: illustrations, drawings, portraits, paintings of a great illustrator, Pia Valentinis, who through her works embellished with a small title containing the images, present in all areas of the Museum, is able to give a strong impulse, to provide a new poetic momentum, decisive and unexpected.

Also noteworthy is the important scientific contribution of the Sardinian anthropologist Giulio Angioni, through his "Guide to the Museum of the Jar Horse " with all sorts of anthropological useful information.

The museum is divided into three parts. A first part is devoted to an ethnographic section, "sa omu de su massaju", the farmer's house, which shows the typical environments of wealthy landowners house in the early years of the twentieth century, with a beautiful room that shows the classic elements of the Sardinian furniture, more or less ancient, where stands a rare example of a kitchen with archaic masonry stove and an ancient tool used to make "sa carapigna" a traditional sorbet of Sardinia.

Through a fine and well-preserved stone staircase you leads up to the upper floor where there are two bedrooms, with the intact furnishings.

Another interesting room is the barn, where the tools of the farmers, hanging in the walls and laid carefully on the shelves, attest the agro-pastoral vocation of the village and they point to a past where work meticulously beats the rhythm of life.

At the center of the room you can admire a beautiful chariot, and, beside, a rustic wooden packing, while the space reserved for the winery, is embellished by a wooden press dating from the late eighteenth century.

It is also interesting a big panel hung on a wall with a glossary, where are shown all the Sardinians terms, with translation into Italian, used in the wine sector.

Back inside the house, there is the room dedicated to the second section, that of the Jar Horse. Here is the history of the horse, described the environment in which it lives, with the support of panels that help to better understand all the secrets and the many curiosities about it.

The third and final section of the Museum consists in a teaching laboratory, where, through playing, schools and families can explore all the issues of the museum.

The museum is managed by the Cooperativa Giunone, made up of Michael Zucca, Ilene Vallieri and Roberta Charter. Besides the museum the cooperative also manages other touristic sites of Genoni, among all the P.AR.C (paleo archaeological center), which is a museum of paleontology and archeology.

The cooperative is also involved in organizing guided tours of both the ruins of the former Monastery of the Observant Minor Friars, that the GeoPaleoSito and also organizes interesting guided hikes on Jar.

With a single ticket by € 10.50 you can visit all the tourist attractions in Genoni and you can spend a whole day surrounded by nature, culture and tradition.

A wise project that joins memory with technology, tradition with innovation, that succeeds in objective, not easy, of exploit its resources through the involvement of people through art and research, in a winning mix, showing the country under a new tourist guise, waiting to be discovered.

Civico Museo del Cavallino della Giara 

Via Chiesa, 7

08030 - Genoni OR

Cell: +39 339 16 76 863 Fax: +391782701074


01 July 2015

Mauro Cuccu
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