Murronarzos and Maimones

The traditional masks of the Olzai Carnival

The traditional masks of the Olzai Carnival are Sos Murronarzos and Sos Maimones.

The first ones wear black woolen gowns and some cowbells, and their faces are hidden by a wooden mask. The mask of "Sos Murronarzos" was revived a few years ago.

Superbly crafted, it takes animalistic shapes; it is always of a dark color.

"Sos Maimones" are masks that are distinctly cheerful and jokey that represent a sort of man-puppet.

The Carnival of Olzai has its roots in the agro-pastoral tradition, where the contrast between man and nature is always present.

A special aspect of this Carnival is the fact that it goes beyond the traditional closing date of the Carnival events.

It ends, in fact, on the first Lent Sunday. Furthermore, another typical ritual of the Carnival of Olzai is represented by the bonfire that is lighten up during the closing of the festival, where a puppet is burned.

It is named "Zuanne Martis Sero" (John Tuesday evening) so called because it comes on the evening of Shrove Tuesday,.

01 January 2016

Mauro Cuccu
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