Sos Corriolos

The masks of Neoneli

The typical masks of the Carnival of Neoneli are the "Corriolos", which were rediscovered recently thanks to a research done in the small town, based on documents of the XVII century.
Photo by F. Ruiu -
Photo by F. Ruiu -

The Corriolos wear a skin of sheep or goat, and have on their shoulders a hedgehog fur, they also wear a headdress of cork with a couple of magnificent deer antlers.

Instead of the bells, as in the case of the "Colonganos" of Austis, they shake the animal bones tied together.

The following ritual is very interesting: they engage in performing an eccentric dance around a fire to the rhythm of a horn, making the load of bones rattling in unison.

01 January 2016

Mauro Cuccu
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