Sardinian sea: the typical day of the lovers of the sport fishing

Sardinian sea is with no doubts one of the most abundant of fishes. When you watch documentaries on TV, you can notice that lots of videos were previously filmed in the Island. That is why Sardinian sea is the most esteemed by who loves fishing activity.

On a sport level fishing is obviously a passion for who practice it and not whatever duty. And Sardinian sea gives the possibility for examining a variety of areas where lovers can dedicate themselves to their hobby. Through the tales and the explanations made by a sport fisherman, you can know his typical day together other fishing lovers.

Normally, he wakes up at 6 a.m. and at 6:30 he has already been in the sea. But, it is a good rule to check the weather prediction both the day before and the morning of the journey, because it is important to inform himself about the weather that is forecast for the day ongoing and because, in this way, it is possible to choose the most suitable destination for fishing in that day. Indeed, if the sea is rough and depending on the wind, he is inclined to stay preferably near the coast, and the fisherman friend and his mates explore the area of the Gulf of Oristano.

Fishing activity is affected by various techniques. Among the most common, there is the trawler fishing, called in this manner because behind the boat, there are some fake or living small fishes, that function as a lure, for attracting the prey. In case of living lure, it is inserted into two hooks, the first one is driving and the second one is fishing. When he goes offing, he points towards the shallows, where he does one of the main techniques of the fishing: the fishing line. It is certainly the classic plumb-line practice, through the specific fishing road or through the use of a line by hand, to which, then, a hanging with three or more hooks is applied and at its base a lead is inserted.

When the lead comes to the sea bottom, as a magic, the hanging is practically attacked by the fishes that stay on the first meters. The species that are usually udermined with this technique are: sargos, tracinas, black bream, serranides, and in the luckiest cases, snappers. Into the most important and characteristic sea bottoms, he does the vertical fishing, through the fake lures, alike sardines or polyps that climb down into the sea bottom and, then, they are trailed again on the surface with the sinuous movements, caused by short sprains during the salvage of the line joined to them – technique in use a few years ago, that, in the most glaring cases can be create that technique that is called "magical fishing", aspired to all the sport fishermen. Indeed, this practice can guarantee remarkable preys, as San Pietro fishes, enormous snappers and amberjacks that can weigh also more than thirty kilos.

From these last two years, the fisherman friend is using another technique, called drifting. It is practiced for the capture of the so-called "train of the sea", the tuna, a fish that when is put on the sharp hook into the lure, begins an extreme fight that will give a hard time to the most expert fisherman, too, who will try to salvage the prey in the fastest way for taking a picture, unhooking and letting escape it again in the middle of the deep blue of the beautiful Sardinian sea.

The ideal clothes varies depending on the period: you can leave in the middle of the winter with lots of layers of trousers, sweaters and the raincoat for taking refuge from the cold. Or in the middle of the summer you can wear plain trousers for the sea and flip flops. The equipment varies depending on the kind of fishing; namely, depending on the practice to do, it is necessary to have a specific type of fishing rod and of fishing reel. It is important the presence of an exact and not too elevated number of people, too. The fisherman friend is always together at most three experts, because it is a sufficient number for possible supports between a colleague and another and because he can avoid disturbing each other.

Thanks to the movements and to the specific signals by seagulls, it is easiest to find the own prey. Bass represents one of the most fished species under the coast; on the contrary, offing, he will look for the most combative and the most important types above mentioned. The kinds of fishes that the fisherman friend has in his boat change depending on the season of the fishing, despite the best periods are spring and autumn for enjoy completely a day of fishing.

The day of the fisherman friend and of his mates, usually, finishes at 5 p.m. The calm of the sea gladdens even more the wonderful day spent together his mates, big evaluators of sport fishing, that, for some hours, allows them to relax, surrounded by a magic and a wonder that the Sardinian sea can give.



01 June 2015

Sara Atzori
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