Sos Tumbarinos

In Gavoi is the music that dominates the Carnival scene

To animate the streets of Gavoi during the days of the Carnival are "Sos Tumbarinos", the drummers.

"Sos Tumbarinos" play crazily their small drums, handmade with sheepskins that are accompanied by other instruments such as triangles or fifes.

Photo by F. Ruiu -
Photo by F. Ruiu -

The various masks parade with classic Sardinian pastoral clothing made of velvet dresses, chaps and leather shoes.

The special aspect of this Carnival is the fact that it is entirely focused on the sound, the rhythm.

The real star here is the music, the masks are almost just in the background as well as the various disguises.

Everything revolves around the rhythm of the drums and the various instruments that accompany it, until the sunrise of Ash Wednesday, with the burning of the carnival puppet: Zizzarrone.

01 January 2016

Mauro Cuccu
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