The Mamulada

The ancient carnival mask of Seui

Were several decades on the streets of Seui that the ancient masks of "Sa Mamulada" was not seen more, a mask whose origin is lost in the agro-pastoral ancient culture of the mysterious island of Sardinia.

Some possible interpretations lead us to believe that it whould served as an incentive to the nature for its upcoming spring awakening, then with a propitiatory function.

Common features of Seui mask is that all or most of the figures that have blackened face, wear animal skins on the traditional male dress, wear some big leather belts adorned with many bells and on the head have headgear packed with mouflon or goat skulls.

Photo by G. Deplano
Photo by G. Deplano

After a long process of study and research, which lasted years, advanced by some enthusiast residents of Seui, together with various municipalities, it was possible to uncover and exploit this authentic treasure of cultural memory of Seui.

The Seui mask, or better masks (because there are many), rediscovered and reconstructed, were presented last October 31, 2014, during a conference that was held during 2014 edition of '' Su Prugadoriu ": a very crowded cultural festival, culinary and tourist that takes place in Seui during the holiday of Halloween. The evening in the streets of the historic center Seui resonated gloomy guttural sounds of large sea shells and bells attached to the clothing of the participants.

The second outcome, as dictated by the ancient tradition, takes place on December 21, the winter solstice, on the occasion of ''Sa die de sa Mamulada".

But the outcome certainly more important for this mask is the night of "is fogoronis" (the bonfires) of St. Anthony Abbot, in mid-January. Also according to the tradition, the procession with the Mamulada must go around the village, with stops at each bonfire.

Today to preserve, protect and enhance this wealth is made in Seui a very active fellowship, the Association "S'Urtzu e sa Mamulada", which already has many members, young people and adults.

01 January 2016

Giuseppe Deplano
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